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We at rTalentHub make sure to understand your recruitment needs and requirements in detail and find you the perfect match accordingly. What makes us unique is that we provide all kinds of staffing solutions. Whether you need to fill in a temporary position or a permanent position, we as an IT staffing company in Brampton ensure you get what you want. 

Our primary goal is to find out the best technical talent that fits in your ideal job description. Apart from that, we believe it is our responsibility as an IT Recruitment agency to make our customers feel safe in choosing us, and we back this up with various examples and case studies showing our techniques and success stories.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing entity, we take upon the responsibility of full or partial technical recruiting process for our clients.

We work as an extension of your company's human resources or talent acquisition team, providing full-time employees, technology, and hiring procedures to meet your IT staffing needs.

Managed Service Programme

As a Managed Service Provider, we cater to our clients' temporary recruitment needs and provide the finest possible staffing solutions.

Basically, our Managed Service Providers are solely accountable for complete management of a company's contingent workforce.

Temporary and Contract Staffing

Whether it's temporary or contract staffing, our IT staffing agency has solid vendor relationships in practically every industry and has worked as a business partner before, so we make sure to meet our clients' on-demand staffing needs.

We work closely with your recruitment needs and cater to a diverse pool of talent.

Hire Remote Employees

As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Hiring Remote Employees can be tough especially if your company is restricted to a particular area or geographical boundary.

Your employee search eventually become limited. But our team of staffing experts make sure that you have access to employees all around the world, allowing you to broaden your search.

Global Employment and Mobility

Hiring employees from any part of the world can become a troublesome process considering the fact that your networking is limited.

Our team of staffing experts work towards making hiring process easy for you and connect you with talented potential employees no matter where they are residing in the world.

Placement Consulting Service

As talent solutions consultant, we make sure to simplify the entire hiring process for our clients and we remain in the picture till the employee has been issued official offer letter.

Right from understanding the hiring requirement to finding the source and then conducting the initial interview backed by thorough research, we as a placement consultancy make sure to provide you with the best possible staffing solutions.

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